Monday, May 14, 2007

Early Monday morning in front of Sherm's Cycle Products in Reedsport. I'm on my way North to meet with some of the VROC riders from the weekend Goat Rope Tour that went around the Olympic Penninsula. They will stop here for a visit, then head on down to Coos Bay for dinner and to spend the night.
Guy and Victoria inside SCP.
Guy's old Indian. He's owned this a long time, once was his full time ride. He's been so busy work on other peoples bikes, he hasn't had the time or money to restore this one, but he will some day.
A very good place to eat in Florence, Oregon. Those are real car front ends and the pink Cadilac is real too!
Ol' Rambler by one of the most photographed light houses in the US. Heceta Head, just North of the Sea Lion Caves on Hiway 101.
A tourist from Idaho asked me if I wanted him to take my picture, so I took him up on it.
Haceta Head beach. It's a long way down from where I was standing!
Scorpion~, Maccs, Victoria and Guy inside Sherm's.
One of Guys antique bikes. He's had this old Indian for a Loooong time.
The order desk in the NEW Sherm's Cycle Products.
Scorpion~'s bike goes into SCP for a little work.
Scorpion~ and Maccs, and the Green Machine. Classic chassis, Nomad wheels, Mean Streak engine...a true NoClassEak.
Bob, Guy, Victoria and Maccs, The NoClassEak gets new plugs and a good checking out.
Sherm takes his turn sitting on the "Big Boy"
Hardly a what??????
Guy with the VN2000 and the World's Land Speed record certification. You may have to click on the picture to read it. SCP holds 5 World records now, hopefully they will add to the list this September.
Scorp~ showing his Patriot Riders patch. Victoria makes out his bill.
Mouse with her guard dog. Scorpion there in back of here, this is in SCP.
The Hilltop House. Fine Dining above Coos Bay. The destination for the last evening of the Goat Rope Tour.
Here come some of the hungry riders. That's Coos Bay water in the background.
Maccs, Bob and Scorp~
The entrance to the Hilltop House. It's in a beautiful location. The front of the dining room is all glass and looks out over the Bay, some sand dunes and the Pacific Ocean. Here we have Pat, Maccs, Bob, Mouse, Michael, Scorpion~, Karen and Preston
Maccs on his "Bobber"
Guy had the Surf and Turf. All the earlybird specials come with soup or salad (either are wonderful), fresh bread, and a choice of desserts.
Several of the group had the special of the day, an excellent seafood chowder. They all seemed to like it.
Maccs Calamari with chrispy ravioli. Looks pretty good. They serve the ice tea in small glasses here
Michael, Mouse, Scorpion~, Victoria, Guy, Maccs, Bob, Preston, Karen and Pat in the Hilltop house.
Scorpion~, Bob, and Maccs leaving the Hilltop House. The bike are loaded down a little more that when they come up this hill a couple hours ago! Will post more pics tomorrow.